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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >>pam: law enforcement officials say, 26 people were killed after a mass shooting at an elementary school in southwestern connecticut. the suspect - also dead. and his mother found killed at latest. >> police said that 26 people were killed at sandy hook elementary. 20 of the victims were children between the ages of 5-10. it is one of the deadliest school hi shootings. and why not of history. >> evil visited the school. >> the shooter and visited the school it was a horrific scene. for mutual
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experience we never seen anything like this is heart wrenching for us as it is for the families. >> the suspect is a 20 year- old adam lanza who shot himself after he fired 100 rounds killing 20 students. police implemented a search. it, there were police with rifles on the roof, and surrounding the school. >> the families have been notified with preliminary investigation in process of elimination of the families have been told. >> flags were ordered at half staff. >> they had their entire lives ahead of them birthdays, graduations. weddings. kids of their own. >> at this vigil, the search
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for answers to difficult questions. >> understand that a test is just that. the rise and answer. and respond to. >> this community is left to wonder how this could happen in that their town. investigators are treating this as a crime scene and they're hoping to release the identities of the victim's on saturday morning. >>pam: kron 4's dan kerman has more on the suspected gunman. including more on the deadly actions he presumbably carried out before his shooting spree at the school. >> of the suspect was 20 years old and suffered from a personality disorder. he is one of the 28 dead. from my self-inflicted come from a wound he also lived with his mother that was a
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teacher at the school. he is believed to kill her at their home of before driving to the school in her car he was dressed in black fatigues.... with read weapons, their own and registered with his mother with a-3 weapons. the older brother of the suspect in the connecticut school shooting. is out of police custody. ryan lanza, was quietly moved out of a police station in hoboken, new jersey, earlier tonight. he was taken into custody for questioning because of the shooting involving his brother. police do not believe the older brother, ryan lanza, had anything to do with the shooting. they say he has been extremely cooperative. >> this girl grew up with the suspect. >> old mill when i found out this was up seven. i have known him since first grade.
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i was-found this upsetting. i never noticed anything scary. we got-grew up together. it was of setting. for somebody that one another reader, and to catch themselves would not think of something as doing something crazy like this is flying under-the you--radar. >> also, the suspect's mother and father were divorced. dan kerman, kron 4. >> the older brother in the connecticut shooting is out of police custody. he was quietly moved out of the police station in hoboken, new jersey. he was taken into custody for questioning because of the elementary school shooting involving his brother. they do not believe that the older brother, has anything to do with the shooting. he has been extremely cooperative. >>pam: his just in. police are responding to a report of gunfire at a hotel on the las vegas strip. las vegas police say, officers were
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called to the excalibur hotel- and casino, just before 9-30 p-m- tonight on a report of shots being fired. the shooting was reported near the hotel's front desk. however at this time. police are not releasing any details on whether anyone was hit. been o >> there are two survivors of today's deadly crash on northbound 280. one of them was arrested on manslaughter charges after three people were left dead. these are aerials of the crash scene. from sky 7 h-d a-b-c 7 news. the california highway patrol says, just after three o'clock in the afternoon. a tan lexus, parked on the median, was slammed by a black volkswagon, south of the edgewood road exit near redwood city. two women and a man in the lexus were killed. the fourth passenger survived with moderate to major injuries. he was taken to a hospital. the 82-year-old driver of the volkswagon was treated for minor injuries. then, placed under arrest. the california highway patrol says, it appears he
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was speeding at the time. at one point, four lanes along northbound- 280 were shutdown for more than three hours. backing traffic up close to ten miles. >> the great mall in milpitas was shut down for most of the afternoon today. because of a bomb threat at one of the stores there. kron four's jeff bush shows you what happened.a drive- b >> it was a tense afternoon at 2:30. this employee found a note in the men's room at this department store. this bomb threat was discovered and the bomb squad was called out to be seeing. this is where this happened at this department store, kohl's. with a canine unit called out. the swat team
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also had a portable robot. police found no explosive devices. this store was reopened just after 8:00 jeff bush in milpitas, kron 4. >>jacqueline: we did see some light rain but it has moved out. we are seeing clear skies and cool temperatures freezing in fairfield. 35 and of vallejo, santa rosa, livermore, a lot of 30's. the satellite showing clear skie bay area but lingering clouds of shore. more rain for tomorrow courthouse clou temperatures in the 30's. for tomorrow, those clouds will increase with spotty showers. it will be like today. light and isolated. more rain and your
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details forecast, coming up. >>pam: shooting at a bus stop, leaves one man in the hospital and the gunman on the loose in san rafael. the latest on the investigation. then. bay news of the conneticut shooting. plus. what bay area officials are doing to make sure children feel safe. and give parents peace of mind. all that coming up. as kron 4 news at 11 continues. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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>>pam: in bay area news. police are investigating a shooting that took place at a busy san rafael transit center early this afternoon. police were notified, a man had been shot at a busy transit center. they say someone with a gun, got out of a gold sedan, and fired at a man who was waiting at this platform. the injured victim stumbled away as he tried to escape and collapsed at this nearby platform. the suspect then got into the vehicle and took off. so far, police have been unable to locate the shooter. the unidentified vicitm is a 22 year old male. he was taken to a nearby hospital.
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fan owe will be right back
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>>pam: the connecticut shooting that killed 20 elementary school children. hits close to home. for any parents of young children. kron 4's jeff pierce caught up with parents at otis elementary school in alameda. to get their reaction to the massacre.
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>> it is awful. you take your children to school and you think that they are safe but it is the parent's worst nightmare. you hope that it does not happen to anybody. >> it is horrible. it is heartbreaking. i cannot even imagine what they are going through. >> i cannot understand anybody walking into an elementary school. >> god bless all the families involved. and i came a few moments early to pick him up. >> the thought of this is so sad. >> we've to have some preparations for things like that with emergency drills. hopefully nothing like that will happen. >> i do not want to talk about it they are not comfortable. they do not know about it. >> it into appreciate every moment. >>pam: on alert that is how the oakland unified school district describes its officers in the wake of the conneticut shooting tragedy oakland school police officers have increased
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their presence on campuses throughout the district in part to answer any questions from parents about the best way to talk to children. when a tragic incident like this occurs >> one thing that our mental health professionals stress is to be honest. they need the information in choat kids ae going to find out the truth. you want to establish yourself as a personal trust. giving them the information without drama were sensationalizing it. stress upon is it that they have many people that are looking out for them as children teachers, parents, children and family members and principles. although the school district has its own police force. the oakland police department also has 24 of its officers assigned to on- campus duty at schools in
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high crime areas >> san francisco's public schools were on high security alert as well after today's massacre in connecticut kron 4's alecia reid tells us what the city's school district was doing to try and ease parents fears. >> no chances are being taken with public schools. word spread of the two dozen people mostly children that were brutally shot at the connecticut elementary school. san francisco checked in with any school to see if there was any problems. >> if there is an ongoing and active shooter we take immediate action. lives are at stake if there is an immediate see, our offer is ouoften gathered and in gauged. officers. the of all those city's schools and did not talk about the tragedy there were counselors ready. parents fully intend on
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explaining the turn of events. >> she is curious about it. the children just want to know that they are safe. this is why we discuss it. >> there is additional support for the weekend they can call " to 311 " for counseling. and also, they can call 311 and even offer further help. >>jacqueline: we did see some rainfall and cold temperatures. temperatures are hovering just off shore and it is well off to the north impacting us tomorrow. these high latitude storms that will bring cold, arctic air. we will see a similar conditions. spotty, light rain in the futurecast is ready to portion and. light showers with pushing in
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precipitation. and clouds. moderate rainfall through the north bay. by 1:00 p.m., it will be concentrated in the northern conditions. cold forced the mornings with freezing and even below freezing. freezing in livermore, pleasanton and frost is likely. we will see these temperatures by 4:00 a.m.-5:00 a.m. and we could warm up with clouds increasing. much like today. the highs will only the 50s. a chilly afternoon. as for the sierras, some snow flurries expected but a more snowfall for a sunday and monday. a look at your extended forecast. saturday, early sunday as we look
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towards monday we have heavier rainfall but it is not like anything we've seen. steady, widespread but not torrential downpours. a bit of a break tuesday /wednesday put the showers could return by the end of the workweek. >>pam: still ahead, can the niners upset the jason takes a closer look at fajaplus.the warriors are in orlando looking for their jason has those stories, and all the sports, next have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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>> owarriors in orlando - but basketball the last thing on everyone's mind today in light of the tragedy back east >> i have kids. it is just a tragedy. lifting of an entire community, his id is a difficult time. 1 really tough to even talk unfathomable event - but the warriors did play today.and record 6th straight road win 2 warriors battle back from an early defecit to cut it to 6 on this bucket by david lee lee: 24 points, 15 rebs later in the 2nd 3 warriors turn it over - glenn "big baby" davis will convert the other way 49-33 orl the warriors were flat from the outset after their big wednesdaythey shot just 37% 3rd quarter 4 aaron afflalo - puts the magic up 15 with this 3- pointer 5 jj reddick - with the nice
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pump fake and then drains the 20 footer to beat the 3rd quarter buzzer warriors finally lose a game final: 99-85 the loss snaps their 5 game win streak they are now 5-1 on their road trip which wraps up in atlanta tomorrow the 49ers landed in boston a couple of hours ago.ready for their big sunday night matchup detroit and portland art height and a double overtime. take a look. brooklyn to-beat the detroit pistons. 14-9. >> with tom brady and the patriots.who quite simply never lose at home in december.well almost never.20 straight wins in foxboro going all the way back to 2002. 49ers vs. patriots that's right.tom brady and the patriots have won 20 straight at home during the month of december - going all the way back to 2002 so no surprise that new england is a pretty heavy favorite at 5 2 points
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espn did a poll and two- thirds of the country think the patriots will win a win by the niners would not only cement colin kaepernick's status as the undisputed starterit could clinch the division - if seattle loses to buffalo the matchup really comes down to one thing spherecan the 49ers top ranked defense stop the patriots number one offense? new england putting up 36 points per game while the niners only allow 14 let's hear from both teams: carlos rogers, brady, tarell brown >> there is really no weakness on this team. you have to do well. they will even sacked the quarterback with an incredible pace. it is a lot of challenges. we are going to have to play our best king. >> theylot of different weapons, and a lot of the average guy sicken make a lot of different places. we are definite going to se fight against
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three. he has the keys. on baseball, and this chat gaudin has recently been signed. chad -- >> the 29 year-old is a 10 year veteran of a declining the august 19th. this other teeteam player is xavier nady he signed a minor- league contract with their roles that will be is an 19th-team. the big story is the 49ers on sunday. 5:20.
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>> and one last check of your weekend weather. >>jacqueline: we will see 30's. again, 36. >> >> we're not hearing your microphone. loug [laughter] >> were about now? can you hear me now? just like that the cellphone commercial? kuala >> the satellite & radar. with clear skies right now but we do have rainfall on the way for tomorrow. we will see just some light showers kind of like what we saw today. clearing overnight. and a quick look at your extended forecast with some rainfall. to the weekend and early next week. >>pam: have a great weekend.
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